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Offerings and Donations Online

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Worship at 10:00 am

Spring Worship begins at 9:00 am

Trinity Lutheran Church has the option to make financial contributions online. All payment information is securely transmitted, collected, and processed through Vanco Services. Trinity accepts Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. We also accept transfers from bank accounts. Thank you for your financial contribution to Trinity Lutheran Church as we pray, work, reach out, and grow as a family in faith, worship, and fellowship. 


Giving Categories

General Fund

The general fund is the ongoing ministry budget of the congregation covering the day-to-day operations, including staff salaries, program resources, and worship. A budget is set by the Council each year. The final budget is based on both ministry needs and anticipated income from giving. 

Community 3% Fund/Evangelism Fund

Want 3% of your donation to go back into our community? Every week during the offering we set 3% aside to go back for local organizations. If you choose this option for donation, we will make sure the local organizations we support will receive 3% of this. This Fund provides funding support for local, national, and international missions that Trinity Lutheran Church does. Some of the local organizations we support are Heart Mountain Volunteer Clinic, Cody Cupboard, Habitat for Humanity, Serenity Pregnancy Resource Center, Young Life, Foods 4 Kids, and Manor Gather.

Pastors Discretionary Account

This Account gives Pastor Kay complete discretion and authority to provide confidential financial support to persons in need.

Special Giving

The Special Giving Fund was designed based on different  needs the congregation has that is not being met by its general fund. The special giving fund includes many opportunities to help. Some things they Special Giving Fund goes towards are mission trips for youth and adults, building care, helping citizens of Cody pay heat or eat if Pastors Discretionary Account is low, hosting events for the community like our Lady and the Tramp or Community Dinner. If you have a special place you would like your money to go while donating to this fund please let us know and we will get it to the appropriate place.

Memorial Fund

The Memorial Fund was established to receive memorial or honorary gifts that could be spent currently to meet special needs of the congregation not being met by it's general fund.  Many times the family requests that the funds be used for something specific within the church like education, landscaping, etc.

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