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Quips from the Quilters

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By Nancy Snitker

May 2019

The Bible tells about God bestowing on each of us different "gifts or talent" which we can use to serve Him. Jane Bierei is a perfect example of how our Trinity quilting group has many divers talents. Jane isn't really interested in quilting but she enjoys the fellowship with her friends on Tuesday mornings. She spends her time with us knitting baby blankets and prayer shawls.

Jane relates.... "While participating in a Bible study on the Old Testament, I learned about the construction of God's beautiful tabernacle. God loves beauty and He gifted the workers, specifically Bezalel, with his spirit to work in all kinds of craftmanship (Exodus 31: 1-11). God then inspired me to use my gift and love of knitting in service to Him by making prayer shawls for widows in our congregation. Then, when I learned the quilters had boxes of unused yarn, God opened the door for me to knit blankets for the baby care kits for Lutheran World relief. I thank the Lord for allowing me to serve His church in this way."

Jane's happy smile shines brightly as she sits among us spreading love and warmth. And when Lila cannot attend.... Jane graciously fills in and threads the needles with yarn for the quilters as they visit and giggle and tie lots of quilts. 

If your closet is hiding any unused stash of acrylic or cotton yarn.... just yearning to become a baby blanket or prayer shawl, please feel free to drop it off at the church. Jane will be thrilled to keep on clicking her knitting needles in service to the Lord. All knitters are invited to come join in the fun!

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