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Youth Events

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*Due to Covid 19 concerns, most events at Trinity Lutheran Church have been suspended.

Worship at 10:00 am

Spring Worship begins at 9:00 am


Our goals are to empower youth to live as disciples of Jesus Christ. Creating events and doing ministry with them helps the youth learn what it means to follow Jesus Christ and to live as His disciples today and every day. We desire to foster the spiritual growth of each youth within Trinity and within our community. By promoting their growth we understand that means we must understand their developmental, social, and religious needs to give them the strength and resources for positive development. Not every youth is the same, so we don't pressure them into doing an event they don't want to do. Our youth program is looking for volunteers that would love to help grow the faith in our youth through different activities throughout the year. You can volunteer per event, weekly, monthly, or yearly. Whichever fits your schedule. Contact Richard for more information.



Looking for a camp for your youth to go to this summer, where you know they are going to be safe and surrounded by people that care about their spiritual growth? Trinity is sending a group of youth to Christikon this summer. It is the mission of Christikon to awaken and nurture faith in Christ - exploring God's creation and adventure of life together.


It's not to late to register for camp this summer.  You can register online at at


Various Fundraisers

Throughout the year the youth do various fundraisers to support the events they want to do to build their faith and help others. You can find what fundraisers are happening by going to the Trinity Events Page. Here are a list of a some they do during the year.

  • Construction Competition

  • Breakfast at Trinity

  • Hire a Youth Auction

  • Lady and the Tramp 

       (Spaghetti Dinner)

  • Chili Cookoff

Eating Out


Teens Gathering In Faith

Every Wednesday our Trinity Youth join forces with the Methodist and Presbyterian Church in Faith. We eat, talk, play some games and have devotion. We are building our T.G.I.F and if you would like to participate or volunteer with the group we would love to have you! All ideas for activities and outings (whether day outings or weekend) are great! 


All are welcome!


Youth Mission Trip

ELCA Youth Gathering 2021

This year our youth decided to save the money so they could attend the ELCA Youth Gathering in Minneapolis. It will be a great experience for our youth. If interested in attending please contact us. All are welcome!

Our Mission Trips are usually through Next Step Ministries. If you want to learn more about Next Step Ministries, click here

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